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LPF established this memorial fund as a way to honor LP professionals and to offer assistance to their families who suffer a loss of their loved one while conducting the duties of our profession. In addition to distributing funds to the families of the fallen, the LPBF was established to provide financial grants to eligible participants who experience a verifiable economic hardship as a result of qualifying circumstances. Situations that could qualify for a grant include serious medical issues, death of a dependent, natural disaster, no permanent shelter, homelessness etc. Applications for assistance made to LPBF will be kept confidential except as required by law. 

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"Be at Peace" means that you want the family to know you are thinking of them. Every generous donation counts. "Hope is still an option" means that you wish to send a message of hope for healing. Your generous support is appreciated. "Helping hand" means you are taking an interest in helping out more because it means more to you.  "We all hurt with you" is a statement of hurting with the family and wanting to sacrifice to send that message.

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