Certification Benefits
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The LPQ and LPC certifications reinforce the unique relationship between industry-specific skill sets, leadership concepts, and retail principles. They cultivate a higher level of expertise, understanding, perspective, and reinforce key industry goals and objectives.

An LPF certification shows commitment to learning, personal growth and career development.

In fact, the recognition of these programs' value has extended beyond the business community and into the classroom, where both the LPQ and LPC programs are accepted for college credit.

Retail companies recognize the significant achievement of an LPF Certification. Review companies who prefer to hire LP candidates with an LPF certification.

Benefits of Certification

  • Demonstrates an understanding of core competencies in loss prevention
  • Enhances job performance with knowledge of industry best-practices
  • Demonstrates continuous improvement, initiative, and leadership
  • Improves professional and company perception
  • Sets a global LP perspective that grows business partnerships
  • Provides a benchmark of industry knowledge
  • Decreases risks, liability exposure, and associated costs
  • Expands and Integrates LP’s impact on business processes
  • Senior Management prefer LPQ/LPC certifications
  • Increases visibility and opens career doors
  • Enhances marketability and professional growth
  • Puts you ahead of the competition!
  • Provides witness defensibility for professional witness testimony
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