International Disclaimer
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All Courses and Exams are:

  Written in U.S. English

  Based on U.S. Law

  Focused on the U.S. market

The Loss Prevention Foundation offers online loss prevention / asset protection courses to anyone, worldwide, who has access to the internet. To derive greatest benefit from the course-ware, a firm grasp on speaking, reading, and writing U.S English is necessary. The courses are developed in U.S. English. In conjunction, students are allowed to create and retain course notes written in English. Course content focuses primarily on U.S. Loss Prevention practices, philosophies, and the U.S. market place.

The exams are also in U.S. English. Questions are multiple choice with many of them based on a best answer being the correct answer scenario. If a person is incapable of catching the key, subtle English components in a question, it makes it difficult to pass the exam. Like the courses, exam content also focuses primarily on U.S. Loss Prevention practices, philosophies, and the U.S. market place.

LPF has entered into an agreement with exam partner, CIW/PearsonVUE, in order to offer the monitored, sit-down proctored LPQ and LPC certification exams in international countries; such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. The LPF maintains the current and complete list.

The education and certification programs offered through LPF are not designed to address international law, every aspect of loss prevention, nation specific law or replace any company or corporate policy and/or training provided by an employer.

The Certification Programs are not intended to advise or to represent any laws or legal requirement in any other country, or in any country of operations. A Loss Prevention / Asset Protection professional is responsible for knowing applicable laws, regulations, and policies relevant to their position, company, regional geographic locations, and countries in which they are culpable for.

*All international prices for the exams and courses are in US currency. Enrollees are responsible for any and all currency conversion fees. In order to sit for the LPQ or LPC exam, all international enrollees must have purchased the course prior to sitting for the exam. By enrolling in the course, all students accept the legal responsibility to apply the information according  to their countries requirements.
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