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LPC Exam Information
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In order to earn the LPCertified(LPC) credential, an applicant must meet required eligibility standards and pass the LPC exam. The 200 multiple choice question exam covers advanced loss prevention operations and retail business practices of retail loss prevention / asset protection.

The LPF does not publish the passing score to encourage study and to elevate the LPC body of knowledge. Once the exam is passed, the LPC certification requires yearly continuing education and recertification.


The best study tool available for the exam is the on-line, LPC prep-course, whose outline follows the exam’s subject matter. The course is not required, but if the exam is failed and a re-test is desired, the prep-course must be purchased.

Prep-course students will find that the exam is much more difficult than the self-administered practice test at the end of the course. LPF statistics show that those who spend significant time absorbing the course material are much more likely to pass the exam than those who concentrate on just passing the practice quizzes and course test. Students can take the exam any time they determine they are likely to pass. No time limit. However, our results show that the longer you wait to sit for the exam, after your prep-course is completed, the less likely it is that you will pass.

The three hour exam is held in an administered, monitored environment on a computer. Our exam administer and partner, CIW|PearsonVUE, services over 5000 exam locations worldwide, including almost 1400 centers in the United States. View LPF exam locations.

A successfully scheduled exam requires careful logistics. Not only does the applicant need to apply and qualify eligibility requirements with the LPF, they must also create an account, select an exam location, apply, and pay our exam partner. Follow our step-by-step exam guide to successfully sign-up for and take the LPC exam.

Qualify for the LPC exam by clicking this link: <



*Review our eligibility requirements and set your exam schedule wisely as:

  • Hard earned credentials can be lost if examinee does not meet LPF requirements.
  • Exam fees are not refunded. Exams cannot be rescheduled if the appointment is less than 48 hours away.

Use our Exam Instruction Guide at left, under Guides & References, to find complete exam information such as:

  • How to qualify with the LPF for the exam.
  • How to schedule the exam with our exam partner and course administrator.
  • How to pay for the exam.
  • What to bring to the exam.
  • What determines a passing score.
  • What to expect after the exam.
  • Passing and using your new credential.
  • Recovery with extended course access and reexamination.

*Questions, quizzes, reviews, and even the final test found within the prep-course are designed to reinforce the subject matter and its' concepts. However, examinees will find that the actual, proctored exam is significantly more difficult! Its' questions go beyond prep-course recall and require concept application. Do not underestimate the need to prepare for the certification exam even when you have high prep-course scores.

*Veterans eligible for the GI Bill receive LPQ and LPC Exam reimbursements. Review our GI Bill page for more.

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