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LPC Recertification | Process
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A certificant can choose which track they would like to follow each recertification cycle. Detailed below are the steps the certificant follows to recertify. Once accomplished, they will receive a new, LPC certificate valid for the next 3 years.

1. By Exam

In this track, the certificant needs to register, pay, retake, and pass the LPC exam prior to the end of their third year.

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*Additional Notes:

  • The earliest a certificant can re-take the exam for recertification is 200 days prior to end of their recertification cycle. Taking it that early will allot time for a possible exam retakes.
  • If the LPC exam is failed more than 3 times in a certificant’s lifetime, the certificant must contact us to receive special approval to take the exam again.

2. Continuing Education Track

In this track, the certificant pro-actively collects and submits 20 continuing educational units (CEUs) each year of the LPC. When 60 CEUs are filed with the LPF, the certificant is ready for the qualifying, final recertification step.

CEU Submissions 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year.

On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year the certificant lists and submits their 20 units of activity using the CEU Accomplishment Submittal Form found on our Forms & Guides page.
CEU activity can be submitted at any time, in multiple submittals, in lesser portions, so long as a total of 20 CEUs are submitted on or before the certificant's yearly CEU submittal date.

Recertification Submission 3rd Year.

In the last quarter of the 3rd year, the certificant also submits the CEU Recertification Application Form found on the Forms & Guides page as well as pays any outstanding fees. The Recertification Application is a 'sworn' statement that the certificant remains qualified to retain their LPC (e.g. no Code of Ethics Violations).

Recertification on the CEU track is accomplished by submitting the below on or before the third year end date:

  • 60 submitted CEUs (20 per year * 3).
  • the signed CEU Recertification Application.
  • if applicable, one or both CEU late processing fee(s).
  • if applicable, a CEU recertification processing fee.

*Additional Notes:

  • If CEUs are submitted late, in the first and/or second year, a late processing fee of $30 is charged. However, in the third year, late CEU submission is considered late recertification as the CEU submittal deadline falls on the same day as the end of the recertification cycle.
  • Late recertification has a higher fee of $90 and the certificant loses his or her credential till all is remedied. See our Certification Lapse page for details.
  • It is wise that certificants in this track maintain records in case they are selected in the CEU audit. Not only should they keep a copy of all forms submitted to the LPF, but they must also collect and retain identifying proof of their CEU activity. Visit ourAudit Proof Suggestions page for a list of suggested items that you should collect and retain.
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