LPC Requirements and Exemptions
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The LPF advances the quality of the LPCertified (LPC) name by establishing eligibility requirements, which in turn protects the value and hard work of those who take the LPC course or carry the LPC credential.

The below requirements apply: ♦ to LPC course enrollees ♦ to LPC exam participants ♦ and to LPC certificants.

General Eligibility Requirements: (Click <<here>> to fill out our eligibility form.)

  • Must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.
  • Must have three years of loss prevention experience.
  • Without LP experience you must pass the LPQ exam AND have 1 of the 3 below:
    • ♦3 years of business experience ♦Bachelor Degree or ♦Master's Degree.
  • Must be free from pending felony charges or convictions (or military equivalent of court martial charges and/or convictions).
  • Must be free from pending misdemeanor charges or convictions involving moral turpitude ("moral turpitude" means an offense that calls into question the integrity or judgment of the offender, such as fraud, bribery, corruption, theft, embezzlement, solicitation, etc.).

Specific LPF Requirements:

  • Must uphold our code of ethics.
  • Must not share LPF courseware or LPF exam questions.
  • Must use the LPCertified (LPC) designation appropriately, such as using it only after successfully passing the exam.
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