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The Loss Prevention Foundation is the world's leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals. LPF’s mission is to advance the retail loss prevention and asset protection profession by providing relevant, convenient and challenging educational resources.

As a not-for-profit, the LPF, has learned how to harness retail loss prevention industry knowledge through its use of global LP networks and dedicated professional volunteers and channel that knowledge back into its certifications and courses.

It is the world's loss prevention community, that makes the LPF's certifications and its' courseware, the absolute top in name recognition, quality, and career enhancement.

Volunteer For a Committee

LPF welcomes dedicated Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals who are willing to serve their profession and elevate its standing. Most of the committees work through conference calls or emails. Participation is invaluable to our success and we deeply thank you. All committee members must be in good standing to serve on a committee.

If you are a current LPF member and are interested in getting involved with any of the committees, please contact us.

      • Academic Committee
      • Armed Services Transition Committee
      • Audit Committee
      • Certification Committee
      • Content Review Committee
      • Continuing Education Committee
      • Coursework Committee
      • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
      • Exam Committee
      • LP Benevolent Fund Committee
      • Membership Committee
      • Military Transition Committee
      • Question Writing Committee
      • Requirements & Exemptions Committee
      • Scholarship Committee
      • Special Projects Committee
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