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What loss prevention professionals are saying about LPQualified (LPQ) !

"After spending 6 months as a newly appointed Division Director, it became apparent I lacked the background and knowledge to effectively manage and lead the Asset Protection section of my division. The LPQ course provided me a comprehensive and thorough framework to the loss prevention profession. The course material delivered a no-nonsense approach to past and future challenges, tactics and leadership values; which have given me the knowledge, confidence and professional tools I need, to lead my Asset Protection section into the future. Taking the LPQ course was time well spent! My next course? The LPC."

Ian Cherry, LPQDirector, Review and Analysis Division at Marine Corps Community Services

"Although I've been in the security industry for 20 years, the LPQ course offered a comprehensive view into a different segment of loss prevention than the one I ‘live’ in. It gave me significant and fresh information. Acquiring this certification gives me additional weapons of knowledge that I can use in my presentations to clients. The course also gave me a different look at how to approach a segment of our market that I previously lumped into a more general grouping."

Neil Appel, LPQAssistant VP

"As an LP professional that hasn’t worked in a store or field LP role, the LPQ has given me the confidence and background to speak intelligently with others in the industry. Taking the LPQ displays that I’m committed to loss prevention and learning what retailers are faced with both at a corporate level and on the front line. Before taking the LPQ, I felt the need to spend time focusing on my background to validate my knowledge and experience in the industry. Now, I can let the LPQ validate my knowledge and really focus on my client and allow my experience to enhance our discussions and projects. Being able to say I’m LPQ shows I understand loss prevention and I can discuss the impact of loss to the different aspects of their business and bottom line."

Katherine Houston, LPQDirector of Client Services

"I have been in LP for around 16 years but I can definitely say that I learned a lot of valuable information about business in general, law, and LP from completing the LPQ course work and exam. I would strongly recommend the LPQ exam for newly hired LP professionals and those that have been in the business for a few years."

Philip Roundtree, LPQArea Manager - Asset Protection

"I just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic experience I have had during my studies and throughout the whole LPQ course. The course study materials were extremely informative, inspirational and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The way the course is designed, written and the amount of information available is simply fantastic!!!!"

Zuzana Crawford, LPQAsset Protection Investigator at eBay INC

"The increased educational development and professionalism associated with the LPQ/LPC program will only continue to illustrate the quality of professionals involved in our industry."

Mark McClain, CFIDirector of AP Investigations

"Having been involved with the Loss Prevention Foundation since the beginning, I cannot adequately express to you the amount of due diligence, research, effort and time that has been spent in putting together the two certifications that The Loss Prevention Foundation has to offer both the beginners and the veterans within our industry. Having completed the LPC certification myself, I found there is a wealth of information offered for everyone in both certifications, even a seasoned veteran such as myself. The goal for The Loss Prevention Foundation is to both raise the bar and enhance this great industry called Loss Prevention. The foundation and the certifications that it has produced has not only met but has far exceeded my expectations! I found the LPC course especially to be very thought provoking and bring new approaches and ideas to the table. These certifications are a MUST for anyone looking to enter our industry or seeking career advancement within our industry. This is without a doubt one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself."

Tim Shipman, LPCConsultant

"Throughout my career, my managers have helped me to succeed. At this point in my career, I participated in developing the LPC certification because I wanted to send the elevator back down to help younger LP professionals as they are the future of this industry, Every profession requires a degree or certification, and loss prevention should be no different."

Nicole Accardi, CFIDLPM

"When I started, the only certification that came close to communicating a broad knowledge of skills was the CPP. However, it didn't showcase loss prevention. It would have been great to have the LPQ and LPC around then."

Jon Sauser, Zone Loss Prevention Manager

"The LPQ and LPC courses do a fine job in educating on the retail loss prevention business acumen. I never stop learning."

Wayne Getz, LPC, CFIArea Asset Protection Manager at Best Buy

"I have seen my job knowledge and professional skills grow. I have used the knowledge gained and ideas that I have learned from this program with tremendous results. This includes everything from my improving building safety numbers to reducing in house damages."

Matthew Boyle, LPQLoss Prevention Associate

"Back when Hire-a-Vet began you submitted my information to Lowes in Maryland for the Safety and LP Manager position. I am happy to say that I have been offered the position and will be relocating back to Maryland. That being said Jackson Chambers has been appointed to Safety and Loss Prevention for Lowes in Laurel Maryland. Thank you for your help."

Jackson Chambers, LPQLP Manager

"This is a perfect way for a LP Professional to expand their knowledge which would lead to expanding their opportunities to grow. Many professional career fields have a certification process; this certification would put the LP professional on par with other professional career fields. Certification shows that the LP Professional has attained the necessary basic knowledge to perform their job with minimum training time."

Michael Rock, Divisional Asset Protection Director

"It is a large amount of info obtained through the course that I would otherwise not have known as my areas of responsibility didn't necessarily cover everything in LP. George Scerbovic LP/Security Services Manager Sobey's Inc."

George Scerbovic, LPQLP/Security Services Manager

"Having the ability and skills to add value, not only in our department, but to impact the company on multiple levels substantiates a higher return on investment. The LP Foundation courses provide us with the business skills necessary to maximize our contributions to our companies and further advance our industry through continued professional development."

Sandy Chandler, LPC, CPPLoss Prevention Manager

"After finishing Module 1 it is obvious that a lot of research and thought went into this course. The vast wealth of information and knowledge is tremendous for someone like me, who is coming into the field with very little specific loss prevention knowledge. I've worked in retail for more than eight years and never had a training aid as conclusive as this course. The wealth of information is tremendous."

Thomas Courtney, LPQLP Agent

"With organizational structures being scaled back, "experience gaps" between one position and the next progressive position in an organization may be significant Certification comes after demonstrating a level of learning/proficiency and may help bridge the “experience gap” when being promoted."

Terry Hodges, LPC
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