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Walmart AP Associates Receive LPQ & LPC Scholarships

Thursday, July 7, 2016  
Posted by: Christina Kendall
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 Walmart AP Associates Receive LPQ & LPC Scholarships



Matthews, NC (July 7, 2016) – Walmart Stores, Inc., in partnership with the The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) today awarded 150 scholarships to associates on the Walmart Stores U.S.  Asset Protection & Safety team. The scholarships are designed to support their career advancement and personal development while working at Walmart.  Walmart takes great pleasure in every opportunity to invest in the development of their teams. 

Walmart awarded 138 LPC’s and 12 LPQ scholarships for certification-review courses and the final examinations which will earn them a widely-recognized certification within the loss prevention industry.

“Walmart is proud to offer these associates an LPC or LPQ scholarship. It’s a great investment in their careers and our company. We feel the LPC and LPQ programs offer a comprehensive retail educational opportunity to AP/LP professionals that will help them deliver great results and reduce losses in our stores,” mentioned Paul Jaeckle, LPC, Sr. Director, Asset Protection & Safety, Walmart Stores U.S.

“We congratulate all of the scholarship recipients and also the Walmart Asset Protection leadership for their vision and commitment to continued education. The LPC validates and expands one’s knowledge base and emphasizes the business aspects that truly add to profit enhancement. It establishes a holistic approach to asset protection operations and achieving results,” stated Gene Smith, LPC and president of LPF.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the LPQualified (LPQ) Scholarships:



Nancy Scherer

Dencie Johnson-Cole

Jennifer Mounce

Jeffrey Gonzaelz

LaCeysha Garcia

Estrella Jackson

Tamara Shoemaker

Deiedra Clark

Christy Dennis

Ken Schatz

Michael Edwards

Marcus Banks





Congratulations to the following recipients of the LPCertified (LPC) Scholarships:




Penny Harvey

Timothy Regan

Melanie Clemmons

Tim Marshall

Leeza Stacey-Parker

Max Alonso

Douglas Harwood

Derick Rich

Roberto Alvarez

Erin Heald

Dawana Riddick

Brad Antalosky

Bob Higgins

Kevin Robertson

Jeff Baker

Matthew Hilfers

Noah Robin

Kathi Basarab

Bodey Holbert

Amy Robinson

Shane Baumgardner

Andrew Holmes

Jade Roddy

Jeffrey Beaulieu

Arlis Hoover

Buffie Rodriguez

Alex Bell

Matthew Hovland

Thomas Ryan

Mark Bergman

Craig Iglesias

Chris Sacramone

Becky Berry

Diana Johnson

Desyry Sanchez

Bryan Beseler

Kyle Jones

Adam Sanders

Kevin Braasch

Ryan jones

Ulanda Sanders

Wess Burroughs

Sujatha Kaipa

Ruarik Schaffert

Jeff Buskirk

Kevin Krebs

Aaron Schiffelbein

Jeremy Carr

Jason Krongaard

Frank Seo

Travis Carter

Joseph Laky

Amany Shalabi

Kimberly Castle

Craig Ledbetter

Alan Shann

Brian Chandler

Nicholas Lenox

Roger Shaw

Ardis Charbonneau

Michael Lipari

Justin Smith

Ahmad Chbib

Mathew Logan

Danny Sorrells

Kory Ciesielski

Maria Louis

Richard Souza

Kristine Collins

Lawrence Mattis

Rob Stark

Kevin Clay

Stacie Lundberg

Meghan St. Laurent

Sarah Couture

Becca McCaffrey

Howard Storie

Brett Davidson

Mark Mikesell

Corrie Tallman

Frederick Davis

John Miks

Cory Taylor

April Delvisco

Tricia Miller

Jeffrey Taylor

Darrin DeRoule

Sandra Mitchell

Lacy Tennison

Mark Earl

Constance Morris

Shatora Thomas

Jeremy Elwell

Amani Msangi

Carlos Torres

Cecil Evabs

Joe Netzler

John Volkmar

Matthew Evans

Stephanie Ojeda

Melissa Wacha

Steven Farmer

Jim Olsen

Christopher Wardlow

Rodney Gantt

Ryan Orlando

Kevin Warn

Ranger Gapinski

Ulka Patel

Gary Wasoski

Robert Garza

Umang Patel

Christopher White

Michael Geloso

Audra Paterakis

Brandon Wilkinson

Gina Giacomini

Michelle Peters

Jerry Wilson

Ron Giehl

Brandon Peterson

Jason Winckler

Gene Gordon

Erin Peterson

Matthew Wisecup

Susan Green

Jason Petty

Dianna Wood

Kevin Gronewold

Matthew Phelps

Chad Woods

Paula Harris

Kristin Ray

Brandy Zachary

Mark Hart

Jenifer Reel

Shannon Rowan




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