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Nedap Extends EAS Warranty

Tuesday, April 9, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ashley Bartol
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Nedap Extends Warranty on iSense EAS Portfolio


T he Netherlands , Groenlo, 1 April 2 0 1 9

Nedap announces as off today, warranty on all new iSens e s ys tems will be extended for up to 5 years . T his applies to connected s ys tems opted with a Fas t R emote S ervice s ubs cription, ins talled after April 1 st.


I t is es s ential for retailers to make s ure their E AS s ys tems are well- ran, in order to prevent los s es by e.g. theft. Nedap provides an online platform, allowing to s olve 8 1 % of the s ervice calls remotely, without the need to dis patch a technician to the s tore. T his keeps s ys tem downtime to a minimum, s aving retailers both time anmoney on maintaining E AS s ys tems .


R ob S chuurman, Managing Director of Nedap R etail explains : Connectivity already is widely adopted amongs retailers in order to give their cus tomers the bes t pos s ible s hopping experience. You can tell by the fact that data- driven concepts s uch as S ecure Mobile Payment are gaining popularityWe decided to extend warranty on connected iS ens e s ys tems in our belief that connectivity is als o key iunburdening the modern retailer. T rouble- free operation enables retailers to do what they do bes t: s erving their cus tomers .”


Nedap iSense EAS products have a standard warranty term of 1 yearE. xtended Warranty will be available for new stores with connected systems for the period of a Fast Remote Service contract (3 or 5 years) from April 1 2019.

About Nedap N.V.

High- tech company N.V. Nederlands chApparatenfabriek Nedap creates high- quality, innovative hardware and s oftware products that enable people to be more productive and

s ucces s ful in their profes s ional lives . Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 6 8 0 employees anoperates on a global s cale. T he company was founded in 1 9 2 9 and has been lis ted on E uronext Ams terdam s ince 1 9 4 7 . I ts headquarters ilocated in Groenlo, the Netherlands .


About Nedap Retail

Nedap is the Global Leader in R FI D- bas ed R etais olutions . Nedap helps retailers permanently prevent los s es , optimize s tock levels and s implify the multi-s tore retail management us ing R FI D. Nedaps R FI s oftware platform gives retailers real- time item- level ins ights into their s tock levels and the exact location of each item. Us ing thes e real- time ins ights , retailers are able act much more agile, offer cus tomers a better s hopping experience and uplift s ales .


For more information, please contact:

I ls e Prots man

Marketing & Communications Manager / Nedap R etail

+31 (0)544 47 19 18

+31 6 55 41 51 67

ils e.prots man@ www.nedap-

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