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Tuesday, June 25, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ashley Bartol
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Milestone Systems Co-Founder, Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, Major Proponent of Technology’s Use in USA

Manhattan, NY – The first forensic science-based loss prevention system in New York State was installed at luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, Richard Mille.  It is the fourth system to be deployed in the United States.  The technology, the Intruder Spray System from SelectaDNA, utilizes forensic science to reduce burglary, robbery and high-value theft by a documented range of 40 to 86 percent.

The cutting-edge technology was installed at the world-renowned watch brand’s architecturally stunning flagship boutique, located on ‘Billionaire’s Row’ on 57th Street in Manhattan.

The system uses the power of forensic marking science to considerably deter crime and, if a crime is committed, enhances law enforcement ability to irrefutably identify criminals, then apprehend and prosecute them.  The technology has been used for more than ten years in 46 countries on five continents.  It is now available and beginning to be deployed in the United States.

The forensic technology is synthetically manufactured in an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory.  It is scientifically structured, and functions, the same as organic DNA – but is more durable.  Each unit of the forensic solution contains a universally unique code (sequence), which is never replicated; thus; providing an exclusive identifying marker for each client.  Each unique forensic code provides an uncontestable link between a criminal, or stolen item, to a specific crime scene and the rightful owners.

The system – comprised of a control box, spray head and PIR – is easily integrated with other security systems such as burglary, access control, intrusion, video, and many others. Installations take approximately four hours.  The system can also be installed as a standalone crime-fighting solution. There are various modalities of system activation, including but not limited to panic buttons, money clips, remote video monitoring via Milestone Systems, RFID and facial recognition technology.

When the system is activated, the invisible, non-toxic and water-based forensic solution remains on marked criminals’ skin for four to six weeks, and clothing for two to three months.  The solution is only visible via a special frequency UV light, leaving criminals exposed to identification and apprehension well after leaving the crime scene. 

“We’re pleased to provide Richard Mille with a proven crime-fighting technology to further enhance its already impressive security measures,” said Henrik Olsen, CEO of CSI Protect, the exclusive provider of SelectaDNA technology in the United States.  “SelectaDNAs forensic marking technology is a well-documented tool to prevent and deter a large percentage of crime across the globe and now in the United States.”

Many Fortune 500 and iconic, well-known companies have used SelectaDNA technology, including, Tag Heuer, LVMH, Chanel, Pandora, Watchfinder & Co., 7-Eleven, Circle K, G4S, Securitas, GlaxoSmithKline, Lloyds Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Bank of New Zealand, McDonald’s, KFC, Balfour Beatty, Shell, Texaco, Raptis Rare Books and thousands of others. 

The co-founder of Milestone Systems, Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, is a major proponent of the technology and anticipates major growth of its use in the United States.  Friborg Jacobsen is also an investor in, and chief advisor to, CSI Protect.

SelectaDNA is the global leader in forensic marking offering a full range of property, infrastructure and offender marking solutions, using a completely secure and unique forensic technology. SelectaDNA, which is water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable, is proven to reduce crime (especially robbery, burglary and high-value theft) by up to 86%. SelectaDNA not only reduces crime, but also enables law enforcement to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions. For more information, visit

CSI Protect is the exclusive provider of SelectaDNA technology in North America, providing full-service crime-fighting expertise to prevent and reduce crime, as well as aid law enforcement in the efficient, accurate identification and apprehension of criminals. For more information, visit, call 561-722-5645 or email

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