Looking back at 2019, 3SI has a lot to celebrate.


  • New products and technology improvements, including SecuriTrans (for the Cash-in-Transit market) and SWIS (for the consumer electronics market), as well as enhanced Emergency Notification capability in our SafeBanker SafeResource systems. We continue to innovate to ensure our technology stays on the leading edge of the market.
  • New partnerships, including Scorpion (for the consumer electronics market) and Avante Logixx (for the consumer security market in Canada). Scorpion will expand our footprint in an already-strong market for us while Avante opens up an entirely new vertical for us.
  • Acquisition of CovertTrack, an Arizona-based innovator of technical surveillance equipment and services. Their success in the market will expand our Law Enforcement Division with their specialized technology in GPS tracking, bait vehicles, and audio and video surveillance.


3SI is growing in every conceivable way and our team is fired up for an amazing 2020. In the midst of all the excitement, though, we never forget that the core of our company’s success is the amazing performance of our tracking technology. Our solutions helped our customers recover over $9.4 million in stolen cash and assets in 2019. Even more important, our technology helps police arrest dangerous criminals and gangs…more than 1,117 apprehensions in 2019!  Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it, by catching dangerous criminals and recovering stolen assets…looking back on our 2019 successes, I think we succeeded.

Below is a link to our top 2019 recoveries which offer a great reminder of why we do what we do.


Click here to access the Top Recoveries of 2019