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Career Center

Career Center

This section is specifically dedicated to your pursuit of personal development through self-assessment and self-discovery. We have identified many different categories of online assessment tools designed to encourage you to think about YOU!

Career Advantage:

  • Assessment Introduction: Consider using a personality assessment. This tool is utilized by employers, colleges, universities, etc. Read through the introduction to determine your journey.
  • Self-assessment: Answer some challenging questions about yourself and discover yourself from an outside observer's standpoint; your preferences, social values, and differences.
  • Career Planning: Your career cannot arrive if you do not know your career's destination. Take time to use our guide and to plan your career's direction.
  • Career Improvement: Are you thinking about a lateral transfer, a promotion, cross training into another discipline? This guide will help you make that next critical decision.
  • LP/AP Executive Profiles: Have you ever caught yourself wondering how the pyramid heads of your organization rose to the top? Read our executive profiles to discover if you have what it takes to experience such a high level of success.
  • Travel Guide: A large part of any multi-unit loss prevention professional's career is travel. This is a carefully edited guide on cost cutting, mind saving and time shaving for any LP/AP up-and-comer.
  • Travel Links: What membership website would be complete without a travel link page? Ours is a little more unique than you might expect, so visit the page and tell us what you think.
  • Brain Exercise: Use the LPF's member-exclusive certification course "test your knowledge" center. Take some of the quiz questions found in the course to test your true professional LP/AP IQ.

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