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Knowledge Center

The LPF's Knowledge Center is the World's First exclusive LP/AP knowledge transfer "wiki". These pages are all editable by every member of the Loss Prevention Foundation and are accessible by anyone.

Knowledge Advantage:

  • Grow Your Professional Brand Thru Wiki publishing. Getting your name published next to your contributions, showcasing your knowledge and experience to the global LP/AP community.
  • Brand Protection: What are counterfeit products? How are counterfeit products detected in the market place? What can be done? Locally? Regionally? Corporate wide? Can the first line LP/AP contribute to brand protection? Vendors, what service level do they deserve from retailers?
  • Leveraging an LP/AP centric online community: Can a member’s portal serve our community? What are the benefits? Can a professional industry really shape direction with a unified voice? What policy makers would be on your top list desired LPF members?
  • National Retail Security Survey: Implications and Responses. Who publishes the National Retail Security Survey? What does this survey really tell the loss prevention executive? What does this survey really tell the store level employee? What data is helpful for other ranks? Corporate? Regional/ District? LPM?
  • Cyber Threats: Noticing Stuff:: How much software is actually running on your network? What devices can be used to spy on your data? Detecting the un-obvious?
  • LP/AP Yearly Awards and Recognition: Would our industry benefit from national and international recognition of top performers?
  • Big Crime: Lower Profits: What is the business case for ORC specialists within large companies? Did recent retailers who had data breaches focus on the wrong thing?
  • Quality Decision Making: Peer reviewed decision model? Putnam/Beta matrixes: what are they and can they help? Six Sigma and LP, is there a role in process examination and quality review?
  • Law Enforcement Relations: How can you sell them on support? Small businesses linking up to form LP/AP tiger teams.
  • Ethics & Human Frailty: Where is the line? What is the line? How to tell if its been crossed? Are ethics simply leverage against people we don’t like?
  • Coupons: How much coupon fraud is there? What can a store level employee do to detect it? Best reporting and investigations method for wide scale coupon fraud?

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