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The LPCertified (LPC) is an advanced certification for experienced loss prevention / asset protection professionals that integrates the business of loss prevention into retail profit center practices and logistics. In conjunction, the LPF provides LPC educational material in a college accredited, web accessible course. The course is not required, but it is the best exam preparatory tool available.

The LPC covers six subject matter domains: ♦ Leadership Principles ♦ Business Principles ♦ LP Operations ♦Safety & Risk Management ♦Crisis Management ♦ Supply Chain Security.

The LPC course and exam material were created with input from more than 300 loss prevention professionals from more than 130 leading edge retail companies. The course and exam are continually improved from our global network of retail loss prevention professionals, the coursework, and exam committees.

The LPC offers value to:

  • Loss Prevention Management and Executives
  • Senior Loss Prevention Managers
  • Current and Future District Loss Prevention Managers(DLPMs)
  • Regional Loss Prevention Managers(RLPMs)
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Vice Presidents

The LPC course, exam, and certification are open to all who meet the LPC eligibility requirements.



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