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The resources found in this center are for ALL LPC credential holders. Those with two accounts, corporate and individual, be sure to use your individual LPC account.

LPC Credential Management Center Resource Highlights:

  • Vital Questions: Every LPCertified professional needs to spend two minutes to answer these questions about managing and keeping their credential beyond three years.

  • Recertify with CEUs: Use this checklist to guide you through the recertification process and to renew your LPC for another three years with Continuing Education Units(CEUs).

  • Recertify With Exam: The alternative to collecting Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year is to re-take the LPC Exam. Six months before your current LPC expires, renew your LPC by paying for, taking, and passing the LPC exam.

     Every Year:

  • Certify Self-Monitoring of CEUs: Use this form to certify that you are monitoring your CEUs and will not be submitting them to the LPF. Be sure that you keep proof of your CEUs in case you are randomly selected for the CEU Audit that is done two times per year.
  • Add CEUs to My Record: Use this form to update your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) record with 20 CEUs by listing activities you have participated in. CEUs are due at the end of the month in which you passed your exam. If you passed your exam last March 15th your CEUs are due every year, on or before, March 31st.

  • Review My Record: Use this link to find when your current LPC expires, how many CEUs are on file, what CEU activities you have already claimed, etc.  

     End of Every Third Year:

  • Update My Profile Information: This information needs updating every three years when you recertify your LPC credential. Please update your home address, email, employment, etc. so that we can mail your new, embossed LPC certificate to your home address.

  • CEU Finalize Recertification Application: This form is filled out every three years in order to recertify. We ask that you acknowledge that you remain LPC ready and that you have upheld our LPF Code of Ethics.

  • Pay My Recertification Fee: This $125 fee needs to be paid in order to recertify. This fee is charged to those LPCs who are not paid members of the LPF for all 3 years of their certification cycle.

  • CEU Fee(s)?: You no longer have to pay late CEU fees. It is the responsibility of each LPC to either submit 20 CEUs per year or to fill out the Self-Monitoring Form each year. You will be responsible for presenting proof, if audited, that you have met your CEU requirements for any given year. To avoid audit issues, keep proof of each CEU you earn.

     In Addition:

  • Want to Know More about Recertification? Use this handy link index to our public website for CEU details, quick guides, Q&As, a Certified LPC Professional list, Fees and Dates, CEU Audit Details and Proofs, Education Providers, LPC Lapse, and more.
  • Visit LPCertified Group/Forum: As an LPC your are already a member of this group. Use it to find and connect with other LPC's or discuss LP topics within a secure environment.
  • Want to spend $0 when you extend your LPC 3 more years?: New LPC? Newly Recertified? Currently facing the $125 CEU recertification processing fee? If you are planning on recertifying more than once in your career, Consider a Lifetime Full membership at $495. We will waive your future recertification processing fees and you can claim 5 CEUs per year.
  • Apply for LPCR Designation: This is an honorary designation for LPC retirees. Unlike the LPC credential, the LPCR designation does not expire. Once obtained, it can be kept for life without any need for continuing education units or re-examination. You need to be at least 55 years old, deriving zero income from LP/AP activities, and a current or former LPC of more than a year.



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