Professional Center Introduction

professional Center

Professional Center

The Professional Center is a member directory for connecting, finding, and networking with other Loss Prevention Foundation members. Find LPQ/LPC certified professionals that live near you with our locator map. Find members who work at a company you are interested in, etc.

Professional Advantage:

  • Member Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPF members. Once you are connected, you can read their wall, instant chat with them, and share documents.
  • LPQ Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPQ credential holders.
  • LPC Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPC credential holders.
  • LP/AP College & University Directory: Find higher academic institutions that offer accredited loss prevention or related industry degrees.

If you are not yet an LPF member, you'll not be able to see the Professional Center web pages. To get all the benefits of this section, you'll need to register for membership.

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