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Resource Center

Resource Center

The resources found in this center are mostly available for member and non-member alike. As we grow our new membership site we will growing this center with forms and other such items that help ease communication and clarity with the LPF.

Resource Advantage:

  • Become a member: Use this form to select your desired membership level and enjoy all the pages of this site.
  • Catch up on LPF news: Use our newsletter center to read and find the latest email publications. Periodically through-out the year, there will be specials advertised in these for you to take advantage of.
  • Product Purchase Center: Use our new, convenient way to purchase LPQ or LPC courseware or exams. This convenient method will fill out the forms from your information on profile, making this process easy, so you can get about the business of taking your course or preparing for your exam.


If you are not yet an LPF member, you'll not be able to see or edit many of the Resource Center web pages. To get all the benefits of this section, you'll need to register for membership.

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