About LP/AP Certification
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The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) is a not-for-profit, world leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals.

LPF is responsible for administering the industry’s only internationally sanctioned LP credentials; LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC). Its' accompanying college-accredited, web-accessible prep-courses are focused on advancing individual industry knowledge, growing careers, and elevating the profession.

The LPQ certification is designed for entry level LP professionals with less than 3 years experience and the LPC certification is designed for advanced level LP professionals, such as multi-unit, field and corporate LP management.

The LPQ and LPC certifications were designed and developed through the collaboration of hundreds of loss prevention leaders, business partners and academic educators. LPF certifications set the bar, containing top competencies that global, industry leaders have identified as critical for today's loss prevention professional. The LPF regularly connects and interacts with these leaders, partners and educators. Its board of directors represents $850 billion in annual revenue.

The Loss Prevention Foundation harnesses retail loss prevention industry knowledge through its use of global LP networks and dedicated professional volunteers. It is ever adjusting, ever adapting, and ever channeling that knowledge back into its certifications and courses. It is the world's loss prevention community that make the LPF's certifications and its' course-ware, the absolute top in name recognition, quality, and career enhancement.


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