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The following organizations are supporters of the Loss Prevention Foundation and our certification programs. All of these groups have played a key role in the development of the certification programs and will continue to do so in the future.

Asia Retail Congress
Asia’s single most important global platform to promote world-class retail practices. The focus of the congress is to discuss and influence the issues for change. The Congress is aimed at company chairs, Presidents and CEOs from leading international and national retailers, directors of international brands who believe in making change happen. We hope to provide a common platform for all in the Retail fraternity to share thoughts and experiences.

Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI)
The objective of the Certified Forensic Interviewer certification program is to create comprehensive, universally accepted professional standards combined with an objective measure of an interviewer's knowledge of those standards. The ultimate goal is that every person and every organization with a stake in interviewing will benefit from the program, as will the reputation and effectiveness of the entire profession.

Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
The Food Marketing Institute conducts programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on behalf of its 1,500 member companies — food retailers and wholesalers — in the United States and around the world. FMI’s U.S. members operate approximately 26,000 retail food stores with a combined annual sales volume of $340 billion — three-quarters of all retail food store sales in the United States. FMI’s retail membership is composed of large multi-store chains, regional firms and independent supermarkets. Its international membership includes 200 companies from 50 countries. is a web based business that aggregates legal, safety and security information, products and services that offer solutions to hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant, club, resort, meeting, travel and tourism) managers, their in-house legal counsel and risk managers.

International Organization of Black Security Executives
The International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) was founded in 1982 by Black Security Executives concerned about the relatively small number of minority professionals, and the role black security professionals could have in helping young people.

International Supply Chain Protection Organization
The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is a non-profit professional organization that connects members from across a wide array of sectors—from manufacturing, retail/wholesale/eCommerce, and distribution, to risk management/legal, law enforcement, and logistics. Our goal: to promote, educate, and advocate supply chain security and protection through building strong networks and delivering exceptional leadership training, board representation, and industry support.

Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA)
The RLPSA brings together loss prevention and risk management professionals of the major casual dining and quick service restaurant chains for educational networking and professional development opportunities. The mission of RLPSA is to educate its members on those topics that can help improve and enhance the safety and security of employees and customers alike; to protect its member companies from erosive effects of crime on company assets; to address the public’s and government’s concern about security-related issues; and, to be an advocate for the food service industry.

Retail Council of Canada
Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has been the Voice of Retail in Canada since 1963. We speak for an industry that touches the daily lives of Canadians in every corner of the country — by providing jobs, career opportunities, and by investing in the communities we serve.

RCC is a not-for-profit, industry-funded association representing more than 40,000 store fronts of all retail formats across Canada, including department, specialty, discount, and independent stores, and online merchants.

RCC is a strong advocate for retailing in Canada and works with all levels of government and other stakeholders to support employment growth and career opportunities in retail, to promote and sustain retail investments in communities from coast-to-coast, and to enhance consumer choice and industry competitiveness. RCC also provides its members with a full range of services and programs including education and training, benchmarking and best practices, networking, advocacy, and industry information.

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
RILA proudly counts eight of the top 10 U.S. retailers as members. RILA members also hold the top spot among key retail segments including: apparel, consumer electronics, department stores, home improvement, large format and small format, demonstrating that RILA is truly the association for ‘retail leaders.’ In fact, no trade association represents more top retailers than RILA.

The highly sophisticated companies among RILA’s members are experts at reading and responding to consumer demands, and the retail executives that lead these companies join RILA to collaborate with their peers to seek excellence within their own enterprise and pursue positive changes for the industry at-large.

As the retail industry’s advocate in Washington, RILA is a trusted source dedicated to telling the retail industry’s story and informing lawmakers of the impact and consequences of the decisions they make. On the retail operations side, RILA provides a forum where members can conduct discussions aimed at understanding common operational practices, areas of concern, and pragmatic solutions to problems. And our educational events are second to none.

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