Course Disclaimer
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This certification course was designed and is maintained by the Loss Prevention Foundation, (LPF) located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  The content of this certification was developed based on US practices and philosophies and the proctored examination is based on this specific material. 

The education and Certification Programs offered through Loss Prevention Foundation are not designed to address every aspect of loss prevention or replace any company or corporate policy and/or training provided by your employer.  Nor are the Certification Programs intended to advise with respect to or otherwise represent any laws or legal requirement in the various countries, states or provinces your company may be operating in.  As a successful Loss Prevention Professional, it is essential to be familiar with all applicable laws, regulations and policies as relevant to your position, your company and any geographic locations you are responsible for.

While companies are expected to adhere to the appropriate government laws and regulations, many will have additional rules, policies and procedures that go above and beyond the fundamental requirements of the law. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with these corporate policies and know the specific limits and guidelines established by your company. Individual company policies and training may supplement and/or supersede the information received through this Certification Program as each individual organization has different preferences and priorities. Each retail employer develops its Loss Prevention and organizational compliance programs to align with its own culture and objectives.  Our program curriculums have been based on generally accepted practices and principles as contributed and validated through our working committees, the Certification Council and approved by the Foundation’s Board.

If not formal corporate policy, we encourage you to collaborate, coordinate and/or ensure that the company’s legal council or appropriate executive officer validates each Loss Prevention Departments’ procedures and policies. In particular, as it relates to consistency in how investigations, apprehensions, use of force, reporting procedures, personnel checks and other related processes are being conducted throughout the organization.

This certification program offered by LPF is not intended to train participants on the governing laws related to the federal, provincial, state, municipal or other regulations of the individual countries you or your employer company are operating in. It is the responsibility of each individual participant of the course to educate themselves on the relevance of the material to their employer company and the governing laws of the regions and countries they are performing their duties in.  In the future LPF will continue to revise and update the curriculum ensuring relevance to the retail loss prevention profession and various market places the certification is offered.

By participating in our certification program, you acknowledge reading and understanding this disclaimer.

Thank you for participating in this loss prevention initiative.  Good luck with your career in loss prevention.
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