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The Loss Prevention Foundation, as a policy will not approve course access extensions.

If you are fortunate enough to be granted an extension, a fee of $125 for a 90 day LPC extension and $75 for a 90 day LPQ extension may be assessed by the committee. Seeking approval indicates you are prepared to be billed respectively.

In rare cases, we will accept an application requesting an extension for extra-ordinary circumstances. Please read this carefully and if you are still in need of an extension, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and click submit.


  • If approved or denied, the status will show up in your private profile messages.
  • If approved your course access will be restored.
  • If denied, you will get a message as to why, and corrective action to take if any options are available.


  • If you answered yes to a hardship reason, then your first request will most likely be approved.
  • If you have not accessed our code of ethics, we request you read it, and agree to it.
  • You must read and agree to abide by the code of ethics as a condition of being granted an extension.
  • If your extension is for a non-hardship related reason, then your first request will be at the sole discretion of the Loss Prevention Foundation. Fees of $125 for LPC extension requests and $75 for LPQ extension requests will only be assessed if your reason stated is in a category ($$) subject to fees and your extension is approved.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for approval. You will see a pending invoice in your profile manager. Fees must be paid within two weeks of being invoiced.


  • If you are denied a renewal, here will be the reasons why:
    1. You already got extended twice before.
    2. You failed to access your course for over 1 year.
    3. You failed to make a reasonable good faith effort to access your course after a previous extension request was granted.
  • If you are approved, your course progress will be monitored.
    1. You must show progress each month of your extension.
    2. You must take the final practice exam.
    3. Your access will be denied, at the discretion of the LPF, if we are convinced you are not making progress.

Important: The LPF is obligated to respond to employer requests for your course status, if your employer pays for your course.

Course Extensions may be Approved Under the Following Circumstances:
  1. Military Deployment: Active duty military deployments. Available ONLY to U.S. Military Members upon request. Non-U.S. military members may request extensions on an individual case-by-case basis, but may be required to pay for the extension at the LPF's exclusive discretion.
  2. Catastrophic Medical Emergency: Any medical condition of yours or a close family member, which limits your access to the course.
  3. Family Hardship: Any family crisis which extreme emotional and or financial hardship. Examples: (Home destruction, family court litigation, probate estate litigation, forced relocation.)
  4. Federal or State Disaster: If your home is in a federal or state disaster area, and you need to manage your family affairs.
  5. Death in the Family: Any time there is a death in the immediate family, the LPF will grant a 90 day extension at no charge. The LPF reserves the right to verify this reason, via independent means.


If you have not accessed the LPF's code of ethics and read it carefully, your request for an extension will be rejected without notice. BE AWARE: In the near future all credential holders will be required to a have a signed code of ethics on file at their home and or place of work, as a condition of maintaining their credential.

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