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Below is a four minute, thirty-two second film clip by an independent film maker that honors our nations' heroes. The LPF celebrates both those who have fought and those who are fighting for our country.

Fought For You from Andrew Manzano on Vimeo.

Retailers, Veterans, or Military Committee Volunteers:

Please include as much information as you feel necessary in the comments section.

"Hire-A-Vet" Program is Committing

The retail prevention industry needs more and more highly disciplined leaders in positions of responsibility. A Veteran is a capable problem solver with a proven will to endure set-backs and to press on to meet challenges set before them. Most soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are already highly trained in the major areas of discipline that employers desire.

The Loss Prevention Foundation is working hard to help our vets get certified and to find exciting employment opportunities.

Veteran Job Seekers**: Are you ready to commit to our "Hire-A-Vet" Program? If you are interested in entering the loss prevention career field, we'd like to share your information with the retailers who have partnered with us to Hire-A-Vet for their high end loss prevention jobs. Retailers recognize that an LPQ certified professional is a more knowledgeable employee. The retailer has the option to review your information and to contact you directly.

Retailers: Please complete our enrollment form to participate in our "Hire-A-Vet" program. By participating, you are identifying your business as interested in considering qualified veterans for your loss prevention job openings and possibly sponsoring veterans who need financial assistance to take the LPQ course.

*Enroll:Are you already interested in participating in our "Hire-A-Vet" program without the need to read on? You are invited as a retailer, as veteran, as a soon to be separated active duty military person, or as a military committee volunteer, to just enroll using the form below.
  **Veterans: This term is used generically to include all honorably discharged veterans, soon to be separated active duty military personnel, members of the National Guard or Reserve.


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