LPC | Eligibility Consideration Form
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U.S. Candidates: If you have doubts about your LPC eligibility, please fill out this eligibility check list to determine if you are eligible to sit for the LPC Exam Prep Course and Proctored Exam.

Non-U.S. Candidates:  If you have less than 3 years of LP/AP experience, you must take both the LPQ course and exam before becoming eligible for the LPC Prep Course and Proctored Exam. (All non-U.S. certification purchases must include the Prep Course and Proctored Exam at the time of purchase for either the LPQ or the LPC.)

3 Years of Retail LP/AP Experience: Means you were paid as a retail loss prevention and or asset protection professional, full time, for a total of three years or more. Performing these duties "part time" does not make that time eligible for consideration. By certifying your eligibility, you are stating that during those three years, your primary official duty was to prevent internal and external theft of company property. (Working as a store manager, operations manager, police officer, security officer, and any other job title where loss prevention/asset protection was part of your duties, but not your primary duty, does not constitute 3 years.) By certifying your eligibility, you are granting the LPF the right to require proof of your eligibility. The LPF is the sole arbiter of what constitutes 3 years of LP/AP experience and all decisions are final.

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