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What loss prevention professionals are saying about LPCertified (LPC)!

"Since coming into the Loss Prevention field I knew I made a goal of acquiring LPC Certification because of the high standard it represented. While taking the course I obtained a lot of knowledge that not only increased my loss prevention knowledge but also help to improve my leadership abilities and how to apply my knowledge to different areas within in the company. The LPC course did a good job preparing for the exam as well as how the information could be applied in different situations that could occur. In my opinion this course is a top level course that can increase even the seasoned LP professional’s knowledge. It is an honor to hold this certification with so many LP professionals."

Aaron Safrit M.B.A, CFI, LPC - Retail Business Services LLC, an Ahold-Delhaize company

"Since I have achieved my LPC, it has helped me see the growth path for the LP Department with Fanatics.  This department is relatively new and has been in its current alignment for the past 4-5 years and we are still working the develop the basic metrics for any LP department.  We are currently meeting with leadership of different departments to help compile a shrink metric reporting for the company.  I have been encouraging others in the department to attempt to receive a scholarship for the LPQ/LPC courses to help us all become better LP professionals and better partners for to our Operational counterparts.  Recently, the Fanatics LP Department recently was awarded scholarships for LPQ/LPC courses, and with the knowledge I have gained from the course, I am sure in a year we will all be certified and putting the knowledge we have gained to help build our department and advance it."

Stephen Feldman, LPC - Regional Loss Prevention & Security Manager - Fanatics

"My certification certainly helped separate me from the pack. It was a large determining factor for not just the last two positions I acquired, but the starting salary as well."

Andrew McGill, LPC - Asset Protection Manager - JCPenney

"I really enjoyed the thorough content and continuing to explore all facets of our industry. As the leader in my company I always strive to set a good example and I hope that this effort and certification inspires others to invest in learning."

Richard Peck, LPC - SVP Loss Prevention - The TJX Companies, Inc.

"I became certified because I believe in continually furthering my education in our industry and the LPC is the most relevant certification for retail LP."

Mike Keenan, CPP, CFI, LPC, CEO - Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay

"I found the LPC course to be a refreshing departure from the expected loss prevention focused content. Instead, I found the curriculum to be more retail centric in a way that shows loss prevention professionals how their expertise can be applied to the business more holistically. The LPC is more about becoming a leader that can communicate effectively and with understanding across the operation than it is honing traditional loss prevention knowledge."

David Lund, LPC, CFI, Vice President Loss Prevention - Dick's Sporting Goods, LPF Board Member

"I can summarize the reason why I am LPCertified in one word: "respect". Respect for the Foundation and its mission, respect for the profession, and most of all, respect for our retail customers.  To be fully effective as a solution provider, we must first understand our customers business before being able to recognize and provide solutions to their unique business challenges. LPCertification is a an effective means to develop this understanding, and in doing so, earn the respect of our customers.

Why should anyone get certified? To be fully effective as a LP/AP practitioner, it is essential to learn, understand, and apply the proven skills of our profession to achieve professional growth and success. LPCertification is an effective way to identify and develop these skills, and in doing so, earn the respect of our peers and provide meaningful contributions to our businesses." 

Steve Hyle, LPC, Vice President, Director of National Accounts - AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

"I pursued my LPC certification for several reasons. First and foremost, I wanted and needed to develop and grow as an LP professional. Second, I knew having a well-rounded perspective would assist me in making better decisions and help me in assisting stakeholders understand the benefit of having loss prevention involved in strategic planning. Third, I saw how my leadership held the LPC in such high regard and wanted to count myself as a true loss prevention professional.

The LPC opened my eyes to areas of the business I had not previously engaged in to improve the overall business. In the years since obtaining my LPC, I have been more influential, able to collaborate more effectively and deliver a more strategic and united organizational focus."

Mat Schriner, LPC, Director of Operations - The Loss Prevention Foundation

"Studying and taking the LPC exam was simple and easy thanks to the LPF website and great tools provided for success.  Having the ability to work at my own pace was crucial for me in order to stay on top of my business and not lose focus.  If thinking about applying for the course, I strongly recommend it, as it will enhance your skills and knowledge, but set you apart from the rest.  "

Adam Sanders, LPC, Market Asset Protection Sr. Manager - Walmart Stores, Inc.

"I was impressed with the level of detail across all modules of the LPC. From Compliance and Ethics deep dives to Risk Management and Business Continuity considerations, the LPC provides more than just a foundation of understanding for our profession. Learners walk away with enhanced knowledge of topics they may practice frequently, or having gained ground-up knowledge in a space that was unfamiliar. LPC course work will make you a stronger communicator in Finance, Operations and Legal discussions."

Jason Coren, LPC, CFI, Director, Security and Loss Prevention - Amazon.com, LPF Board Member

"Beyond the significant learnings and value derived from the content, I felt it was critical to obtain my certification as a component of the commitment to self-development. It's difficult to drive the importance of that message to your team unless you demonstrate it yourself!"

Mike Lamb, LPC, Vice President of Loss Prevention - Kroger Company, LPF Board Member

"The breathe and depth of the Loss Prevention industry continues to expand. For those of us in the Supply Chain Asset Protection niche, the LPC is a great vehicle to ensure we are not only shored up to today's wants and needs but are continuously challenging ourselves to the dynamic demands of our supply chains."

Maurizio Scrofani, LPC, CCSP, GB6S - Independent Consultant

"The LPC not only met, but exceeded my expectations as a loss prevention professional in the industry. The LPC curriculum was very comprehensive and strategic in placement of the customer. The coursework and materials were very engaging and shine a spotlight on an industry full of passion and professionalism. I am fortunate to have worked in a number of Criminal Justice arenas throughout my tenure and to share this distinction with other professionals is an illustration of putting personal development first. It is an educational journey lined with commitment, motivation and determination."

Jennifer Schaefer, MA, LPC, Field Loss Prevention Manager - T-Mobile

"Obtaining my LPCertified credential was one of the most satisfying steps I have taken in my career.  Some of the topics in the course were familiar to me but it also introduced me to new concepts that I know will help me to become a more effective leader in the AP field.  I like that the LPF has the mindset that LPC doesn't stop here.  They ensure that I continue to develop my business acumen and partnerships by requiring re-certification every 3 years through earning continuing education units (CEUs).  Thank you LPF for providing such an impactful opportunity for industry professionals."

Lisa Kane, LPC, Regional Loss Prevention Manager - CVS Health

"I thought I knew how detailed the course was going to be as we developed it. But after completing the course, I was amazed at how much content was produced ,and how precise the information is. I learned so much from the course, and was very impressed with how valid the LPC is for today's Loss Prevention executive."

Frank Johns, LPC - Chairman of the Board, The Loss Prevention Foundation

"I have been in Loss Prevention and the LEN profession for 20 years. I would highly recommend the LPC course for LP professionals. The course was very informative and relevant. I am extremely satisfied to have completed the course work and to have a special connection with so many other LP professionals who have achieved this certification. Sign up for this course, you won’t regret it!"

Octavio Jara, LPC, Sr. Manager of US Security - McDonald's Corporation
"For many years I have been involved in retail loss prevention. As a practitioner, consultant, vendor and executive editor of LP Magazine. When diving into the LPC course work I wondered "what" I would learn and "why" I would feel compelled to obtain my LPC certification. It was like reading a best seller book, could not put the work down. It was very well done and put together and I came away with a renewed energy to support this educational tool for my chosen profession. I am proud to have completed the work and to have a bond with so many others who have achieved their certification."

Jim Lee, LPC, Executive Editor - LP Magazine, LPF Board Member

"LPC was a very rewarding experience, although I have lots of experience in the LP/LE field, it still provided a wealth of knowledge, and has helped to make me a more proficient LP Professional."

Guy Antolick, LPC, Loss Prevention Manager - Amazon 

"It was well written and very comprehensive. Even LP professionals who have been in the business for years learn a lot."

William Turner, LPC, Vice President Customer Relations - Loss Prevention Magazine, LPF Board Member
"I truly value the LPC that I received from Loss Prevention Foundation. While I have held my CPP credential from ASIS for many years, it is my LPC designation that more directly relates to my retail and food service Loss Prevention / Asset Protection daily work and career. The course challenged me to focus on the pillars of standards for the Loss Prevention profession and for the Loss Prevention professional. I struggled at first to get through the content. I think that makes me even more appreciate my personal accomplishment. I was also lucky enough to get my course paid for through a scholarship from Vector Security. The certification scholarship program, as offered by LPF and select vendors like Vector, has enabled me. and many others, to further my knowledge, further my ability to be recognized as a professional within the industry, and further my career."

Jeff Levitt, LPC CPP, Senior Manager - Asset Protection, Panera Bread
"While going through the LPC course there were several instances where I learned something that I was immediately able to apply and add value to my company. Going forward, we will be offering the LPQ and/or LPC to our Loss Prevention team. LPF’s membership and certification courses are great ways to continue to grow and add additional value to your companies."

Joseph Laufenberg, LPC, Asset Protection Senior Director - Festival Foods
"The LPC course equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I need to lead and direct my LP organization. The clear, concise manner in which the information was presented made comprehension and retention easy to achieve and application was effortless. I would recommend this course to anyone who has the desire to expand their expertise in the field of Loss Prevention."

Lee Bland, LPC,Retired
"The Loss Prevention Foundation’s LPC Course was one of the most challenging academic endeavors in my career. The course was a rigorous journey through every aspect of Retail Loss Prevention. As a solution provider to the Loss Prevention Community it gave me unique “NEW” perspective on what amount of knowledge and leadership it requires to be a top flight LP Executive. I will be a significantly more effective and efficient solution provider for having acquired my LPC designation"

Kevin Lynch, LPC, Executive Director, Business Development - Tyco Retail Solutions
"I am ready to begin my 29th year of retail LP leadership, and the LPC helped me benchmark my skills against the best in class to ensure I am providing my company and team members what they deserve by my leadership and knowledge."

Bill Napier, LPC - LPF Board Member

"The LPC course materials covered were highly in-depth and have the ability to educate even the most seasoned loss prevention professional. The course helps refresh your mind as well as expose you to the challenges others face in our line of work."

Walter Mulhall, LPC, PHR, CHS-III, Director of Loss Prevention - Tacala Austin Corp./Taco Bell
"The LPC certification is right on target in addressing the body of knowledge needed in our industry. This course is well developed and is a value for Loss Prevention Professional at all levels. Whether the new Loss Prevention specialist or the seasoned veteran, the course work offers industry specific information that is needed to be successful in today's Loss Prevention arena. The LPC course is a must for all Loss Prevention management teams."

Mark Gaudette, LPC CPP CFI, Director of Asset Protection - Big Y Foods
"Let there be no mistake, this program is not a weekend exercise, but a journey of commitment to education. For those dedicated to this profession I think the certification process reaffirms loss prevention knowledge and enlightens one to areas where less familiar. Most importantly, in the end I felt part of something larger and like other professions where standards are certified."

Wayne McBrian, LPC, Retired
"Having been involved with the Loss Prevention Foundation since the beginning, I cannot adequately express to you the amount of due diligence, research, effort and time that has been spent in putting together the two certifications that The Loss Prevention Foundation has to offer both the beginners and the veterans within our industry. Having completed the LPC certification myself, I found there is a wealth of information offered for everyone in both certifications, even a seasoned veteran such as myself. The goal for The Loss Prevention Foundation is to both raise the bar and enhance this great industry called Loss Prevention. The foundation and the certifications that it has produced has not only met but has far exceeded my expectations! I found the LPC course especially to be very thought provoking and bring new approaches and ideas to the table. These certifications are a MUST for anyone looking to enter our industry or seeking career advancement within our industry. This is without a doubt one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself."

Tim Shipman, LPC, Consultant

"Loved the opportunity to take this course.  Very challenging and learned many other things related to other fields, not just loss prevention or asset protection."

Paul Moore, LPC, District Asset Protection Operations Safety Manager - Lowe's Companies, Inc.

"As a business professional that specializes in Loss Prevention, I felt more of an accomplishment completing the LPC course than I did receiving my Masters degree in Criminology. The course is a challenge, but well worth the time. One should not take the LPC lightly, we should see it as a tool to further our education and our insight into the industry that we all call our profession. Every time another in our industry becomes LPC certified, we add relevance and credibility to our being. Thank you LPF for having the insight to design and create such a great educational tool for all of us to learn from and grow!"

Jim Contakos, LPC, MA, CFI, Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Signet Jewelers
"Throughout my career, my managers have helped me to succeed. At this point in my career, I participated in developing the LPC certification because I wanted to send the elevator back down to help younger LP professionals as they are the future of this industry, Every profession requires a degree or certification, and loss prevention should be no different."

Nicole Accardi, CFI, Vice President Global Loss Prevention - J.Crew
"The LPC course was very demanding and at times tough to get through; however, I would not change a thing. The exam was difficult and you better know your subject. Passing the exam gives you a self-confidence you will not get anywhere else and cannot help"

Doug Pettigrew, LPC, Retired
"The LPC designation demonstrates to others your level of knowledge and competency in the Retail Loss Prevention field; much the same way that a CPA designation for an accountant demonstrates their abilities in the field of accounting."

Tim Fisher, Sr. Director Loss Prevention - T-Mobile
"The LPQ and LPC courses do a fine job in educating on the retail loss prevention business acumen. I never stop learning."

Wayne Getz, LPC CFI, Area Asset Protection Manager - Best Buy
"This is my sixth certification in security and the LPC studies have given me information that the other five did not cover. Information that is important to my work. The LPC has given me the opportunity to provide my employer with a well-rounded loss prevention professional. Anyone in loss prevention would benefit greatly from obtaining the LPC."

Terry Vannarsdale, LPC CPP PSP PCI CFE CFI, Retired
"The LPC certification course is the perfect developmental tool for current and future Loss Prevention professionals. Not only does it further legitimize our profession, the coursework enhances our business acumen and increases our value within any organization. The coursework is perfectly tooled to include exactly what we need to be a great business partner as well as what we need to be a better leader each and every day. Whether you've worked in Loss Prevention for twenty years or sixth months, there's a lot to be learned from this program. I highly recommend it for everyone."

Glenn Forrest, III, LPC, Sr. Manager LP Field Operations - Staples
"After 20 years of being in the Loss Prevention field it was a great experience to take a formal training course. I learned a great deal in the LPC Certification. The course content provided me crucial training that would have taken me many more years to obtain on my own."

Kenneth Parsons, LPC, Regional Director of Loss Prevention Manager - Dick's Sporting Goods
"Having the ability and skills to add value, not only in our department, but to impact the company on multiple levels substantiates a higher return on investment. The LP Foundation courses provide us with the business skills necessary to maximize our contributions to our companies and further advance our industry through continued professional development."

Sandy Chandler, LPC, CPP, Director of Asset Protection - Bloomingdale's

"I was fortunate enough to win a LPC scholarship at my previous employer Sears Holding Corporation.  I was in my 60's when I took the exam and towards the end of my career.  People asked why would I take the time to get certified knowing this and my response was pretty simple, if you stop learning, you stop growing.  While my 42 years experience definitely helped, the material was challenging, insightful and exceptional.  Not only will it help the Loss Prevention Professional, it will help those in business and law enforcement.  It made me a better Loss Prevention Professional and allowed me to transition into my second career at the University of Indianapolis as an Associate Adjunct Instructor teaching Loss Prevention to a new generation of professionals."

James Perillo, LPC, Associate Adjunct Instructor - University of Indianapolis Criminal Justice

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