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By working together to elevate the Loss Prevention / Asset protection profession and give our profession, the career recognition and professionalism that we know it deserves, the LPF Members help evolve the LP industry and ensure we provide relevant, convenient and challenging educational resources.  With LPF's world leadership in educating and certifying retail LP/AP professionals, this not-for-profit contributes to your LP/AP career, the industry and the future like no other.

Take advantage of our course-ware, our certifications, our "Hire-A-Vet" program, our Academic Retail Partnership program, our "Advancing the Professional" education series, and our membership program. Move your career forward, inspire others, as we advance our industry.

Membership Advantage

  • World's leading loss prevention and asset protection community
  • Chat, connect, and network on-line with LP/AP professionals
  • Securely create your own secure LP/AP social identity; by building and sharing your expertise through our LPF Sync Community
  • Demonstrate your expertise to the LP/AP community by contributing knowledge and experience
  • Easily update your own LPF profile and records
  • Simply purchase via personalized, pre-filled forms for courses, exams, and/or membership
  • Receive a membership packet: embossed certificate, membership letter, LPF gift, etc.
  • Obtain Bi-Monthly Membership Newsletters that will include insider events and/or special discounts
  • First to receive Loss Prevention Foundation press releases
  • EARN 5 FREE CEUs each membership year towards your LPC continuing education credits (20 per year required for LPCertified professionals)
  • SAVE $125 LPC recertification fee - free with 3 years of consecutive membership
  • SAVE $75.50 (10%) on full-course payment for LPC
  • SAVE $49.40 (10%) on full-course payment for LPQ
  • SAVE 33% on LPF educational events
  • Develop your own discussions within the community to spark industry networking, knowledge sharing and growth
  • Join our "members only" LPQ Exam or LPC Exam study groups. Find, access, and qualify for all open groups such as our LPQualified and/or LPCertified, etc.
  • Initiate a LP/AP topical forum
  • Priority consideration on serving on LPF committees
  • Priority registration at LPF Events
  • Add LPF Membership to your resume and show your support to the industry

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