LPF Membership Resources
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LPF membership has many clear benefits such discounts, savings, and priority considerations, but its on-line resources deserve a lengthier description.

On yourlpf.org LPF members will find five areas designed to aid their career and visibility.

Membership Resources

  • Obtain insider information on student scholarships, tips, and leads
  • Student liaison guidance a
  • Make connections by networking with experienced LP professionals for information, advice, and job leads
  • Access verified information on growing and planning your career
  • Gain LP/AP knowledge with our webinars, whitepapers, presentations, executive profiles, and industry web links.
  • Receive LPQ Course Price Discount and much, much more
  • Member Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPF members. Once you are connected, you can read their wall, instant chat with them, and share documents.
  • LPQ Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPQ credential holders.
  • LPC Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPC credential holders.
  • LP/AP College and University Directory: Find higher academic institutions that offer accredited loss prevention or related industry degrees.
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