LPF Membership Resources
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LPF membership has many clear benefits such discounts, savings, and priority considerations, but its on-line resources deserve a lengthier description.

On yourlpf.org LPF members will find five areas designed to aid their career and visibility.

Membership Resources

    1.Career Center
  • Assessment Introduction: Consider using a personality assessment. This tool is utilized by employers, colleges, universities, etc. Read through the introduction to determine your journey.
  • Self-assessment: Answer some challenging questions about yourself and discover yourself from an outside observer's standpoint; your preferences, social values, and differences.
  • Career Planning: Your career cannot arrive if you do not know your career's destination. Take time to use our guide and to plan your career's direction.
  • Career Improvement: Are you thinking about a lateral transfer, a promotion, cross training into another discipline? This guide will help you make that next critical decision.
  • LP/AP Executive Profiles: Have you ever caught yourself wondering how the pyramid heads of your organization rose to the top? Read our executive profiles to discover if you have what it takes to experience such a high level of success.
  • Travel Guide: A large part of any multi-unit loss prevention professional's career is travel. This is a carefully edited guide on cost cutting, mind saving and time shaving for any LP/AP up-and-comer.
  • Travel Links: What membership website would be complete without a travel link page? Ours is a little more unique than you might expect, so visit the page and tell us what you think.
  • Brain Exercise: Use the LPF's member-exclusive certification course "test your knowledge" center. Take some of the quiz questions found in the course to test your true professional LP/AP IQ.
    2.Education Center
  • White Paper Introduction: Learn what a white paper is and its value. For example it is not an academic paper and has its own purpose.
  • White Papers: Visit our extensive LP/AP white paper collection covering topics such as; Business Continuity, Data Security, General Loss Prevention, PCI Compliance, RFID, Safety & Risk, and Supply Chain
  • Webinars: Listen to prerecorded presentations (with slides) on topics such as; Retail Pharmacy Diversion Key Metrics, ORC, Building Awareness Training Programs, Key Control Programs, Intersection of Employment Law and Business Security, Hiring Off-Duty Law Officers, National Burglary Rings, Cargo Security, and Working with Law Enforcement.
  • Presentations: Review presentations on Crisis Management, Cyber Crime, Loss Prevention, Internal Theft, Operational Audit, ORC, Risk, Safety, and Supply Chain Security,
  • Speaker Series: Listen to these encouraging, dynamic professional speakers. Get encouragement to keep going and getting on with your career and life.
  • Industry Associations: Find useful links to hundreds of associations. Use these associations to get answers that distinguish and pull your career further. Industry leading associations from the general to specific like the Food Industry, the Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry, the Restaurant industry, the Safety industry, the Supply Chain and Logistic industry, the Crisis Management industry, Diversity associations, Audit, and multiple Government associations..
  • Industry Publications: Similar to above, however these links are to online industry publications instead.If you desire to grow your career in a particular business area, use these to dig deeper. You will find publications from Loss Prevention, General Retail, Food Industry, Drug Store, Restaurant, Supply Chain, Safety, Crisis Management, Leadership, Diversity, and News Organizations.
  • Recommended Books: Use this to find highly recommended books that cover business topics as well as loss prevention.
    3.Knowledge Center
  • Grow Your Professional Brand Thru Wiki publishing. Getting your name published next to your contributions, showcasing your knowledge and experience to the global LP/AP community.
  • Contribute your name and expertise to the below topics:
    • Brand Protection
    • Leveraging an LP/AP centric online community
    • National Retail Security Survey
    • Cyber Threats: Noticing Stuff
    • LP/AP Yearly Awards and Recognition
    • Big Crime: Lower Profits
    • Quality Decision Making
    • Law Enforcement Relations
    • Ethics and Human Frailty
    • Coupons, etc.
    • If you'd like another topic, please contact us.
    4.Student Center
  • Priority consideration for Retail Loss Prevention Internships
  • Obtain insider information on student scholarships, tips, and leads
  • Guaranteed job interview, free student membership, and LPQ course discount in our Academic Retail Partnership Program
  • Student liaison guidance and career mentoring
  • Facilitated job placement by using our resume, career planning, and interviewing guides
  • Make connections by networking with experienced LP professionals for information, advice, and job leads
  • Access verified information on growing and planning your career
  • Learn who you are with our personal self assessment tools
  • Gain LP/AP knowledge with our webinars, whitepapers, presentations, executive profiles, and industry web links.
  • Receive LPQ Course Price Discount and much, much more
  • Member Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPF members. Once you are connected, you can read their wall, instant chat with them, and share documents.
  • LPQ Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPQ credential holders.
  • LPC Directory: Find and/or connect with other LPC credential holders.
  • LP/AP College and University Directory: Find higher academic institutions that offer accredited loss prevention or related industry degrees.
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