Code of Ethics
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LPQ and LPC credential holders shall abide by and conform to the following code of ethics so long as they bear their credential. An LPF credential holder:

1. Will obey applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
2. Will honor and yield to employer policy, rules, codes of conduct and guidelines.
3. Will uphold the Loss Prevention Foundation’s published rules, mission and goals.
4. Will advance the Loss Prevention Profession by protecting the credential, leading by example, representing the ideals of the loss prevention industry at large, giving back to the profession and continuously seeking educational opportunities and professional improvement.
5. Will protect, at all times, all entrusted assets (physical, digital, financial, proprietary, informational, etc.), keeping them secure, allowing only authorized access and use.
6. Will not misuse, share, reproduce, and leverage for gain any entrusted asset by using it in any manner other than that which was intended by the entrustor, unless otherwise required by law.
7. Will exercise proper authority, sound judgment, due diligence, and respect in dealing with customers, management, fellow employees, officials, vendors and the general public.
8. Will not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory or harassing behavior.
9. Will remove them-self from, as well as not seek out, any situation which may potentially be a conflict of interest, a compromise or an appearance of compromise, nor accept any enticements (gifts, gratuities, influence, honorarium, etc.) offered for such.
10. Will act at all times in the best interest of their employer.
11. Will always report truthfully and accurately when required by management or law.
12. Will promptly remove all mention and use of the LPC credential if the certification lapses (due to non-re-certification, disciplinary actions, etc.).

Issuing Authority
The Loss Prevention Foundation (“LPF” or “the foundation”) is a 501(c) (6) not-for-profit, tax-exempt foundation formed to promote, develop, educate, and otherwise further the loss prevention industry. The LPF's principal membership consists of individuals engaged in the loss prevention industry. The business of the foundation is managed under the direction of the LPF Board of Directors and the LPF staff. The LPF committees are empowered by the LPF Board of Directors, to govern all aspects of LPF operating practices and credentialing. The LPF currently offers two professional credentials: The LPQualified (LPQ) and the LPCertified(LPC). Anyone authorized by the LPF Board of Directors, LPF Credential Committee and the President of the LPF to hold said credentials is bound to this code of ethics as a credential holder. An LPQ or LPC credential holder, by accepting such a credential, affirms their endorsement of this code and acknowledges their commitment to uphold its principles and obligations by accepting and retaining the LPQ or LPC certification. To be found in violation of this code of ethics is to subject the credential holder to surrender any right to hold said credential, at the complete and sole discretion of the LPF. Additionally, to hold any LPF credential is to further agree that if any aspects of holding said credential are in dispute, such matters are to be resolved in the jurisdiction chosen by the LPF.

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