certification payment plans
Payment Plans
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Course Total Cost Payment Intervals
LPQualified(LPQ) - Course   $495.00 (USD) $165.00 3 Equal Payments
LPCertified(LPC) - Course   $795.00 (USD) $132.50 6 Equal Payments


During the registration process on this website, you can opt to break up your initial cost of our certification courses. Depending on which course you choose, we allow for automated deductions from your Credit Card.

The courses we offer are the LPQ or LPC. Total cost is what you will end up paying when all payments are made. The LPF does not charge interest or any service charges. Payments are the total cost divided by the number of individual courses. For example aLPQ Course costs $495/3=$165 and aLPC Course costs $795/6=$132.50.

  • As an alternative, courses can be purchased one at a time. Once a course is purchased, the year's access to that and subsequent courses begins. Pace your time and money to purchase and to finish all courses in the year.

  • Course payments are evenly distributed across 12 months. The total cost of a FULL course is divided by 6 for the LPC, which equals 1 payment every 2 months.  The LPQ equals 1 payment every 4 months or each quarter.Once, started, the course must be paid in full regardless of circumstances and there is a $50 fee on late payments.

  • *Course extensions beyond the normal 1 year use license will be granted free of charge in extreme hardship situations; such as military deployment, medical/accident, hardship, or upon exam failure. Other extensions are very difficult to obtain. LPF reserves the exclusive discretionary right to reject any request for extension. (Job change or being too busy are not acceptable reasons qualifying for an extension). Course extension fees will be assessed only if an extension is granted.

  • LPF members can only receive an immediate 10% discount when making a full LPQ or LPC course payment (a respective savings of $49.40 or $75.50).

  • There are several scholarship sources. Review our scholarship page for more.

  • How do I sign up for the payment plan?

    Payment plans are offered in Membership Registration for new members and Upgrading Membership


    For existing Loss Prevention Foundation Members:

    1.  Proceed to the Upgrading Membership link

    2.  Update personal information and save changes

    3.  On the next screen labeled Membership Dues, select the LPC or LPQ Course or Course with Exam

    4.  Complete the payment section, you will be able to select full payment or payment plan at this time


    ***All sales are final and there are no refunds.

    If you sign up under the payment plan, you can begin your coursework immediately (within 48-72 business hours).

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